What is Wearside Craic?

The University of Sunderland recently launched its very own publishing company, Spectral Visions Press, and is now planning to release a new student magazine.

WEARSIDE CRAIC is looking for students with creative potential to help develop and shape it into something amazing – could you be who they’re looking for?

Spectral Visions Press is a new joint venture between the University of Sunderland’s English Department staff and its students. It aims to provide students with a platform to publish their own creative writing and articles. It also aims to give students opportunity to get the much-needed experience of working within the publishing sector to prepare them for the working world.

One of the publications being launched by SVP is a new monthly magazine, Wearside Craic.

The idea was developed by students John Ridley, James Moore and Stephanie Gallon, who wanted to create a magazine that was ‘student-made-for-the-students’.

John said: ”In the process of making the magazine we realised that our content should play a part in expanding people’s lives as students.”

”We started it initially as a creative-writing based venture, but as we explored our department’s creative outlet we realised there was much more we were tapping into.”

The main section of the magazine will be known as the The Brief. It will rely heavily on the creative input of student’s submissions – the editorial team aim for the section to be a place for discussion of student’s ideas and thoughts on what they want in Wearside Craic. Tweets and comments on the hash-tag will form not only discussions, but possibly future articles. Students can always come and ‘brief’ the Wearside Craic team on what they want to hear. All they have to do is talk to us using the hash-tag #KeepItBrief.

John added: ”We want Sunderland’s students to brief us through our contact and social media, adding to a discussion that should go beyond just Wearside Craic and into people’s lives.”

The magazine hopes this will allow students to express themselves freely and allow YOU the opportunity to join an evolving discussion, and possibly become a ‘published’ writer. These discussions of important topics will provide a platform for the student voice, promoting their opinion-led and commentary pieces alongside creative writing.

”People submitted amazing content on extremely relevant but under discussed ideas, like post graduate student tuition fees for example. Members of our team, Steph Gallon and James Moore, started to brief students ideas for content to follow up.”

The A5 magazine’s content will be submission-based.  Wearside Craic’s editors are looking for people to pitch them content that would give students a good read. It could take the form of an article, a book/TV/film/review, or even an opinion piece on a local event— not forgetting any form of creative writing from poetry to a short story. The editorial team will then edit and choose the best content they receive to feature in the magazine.

For submissions, there are maximum word counts for each type of writing. Articles should be 1,000 words. Short stories at 2,500 words. Reviews at 700 words, give or take. Poetry should be 50 lines and less.

To submit to any content to Wearside Craic or for further information contact wearsidecraicsubmissions@gmail.com

For any further information about Spectral Visions Press or getting involved contact colin.younger@sunderland.ac.uk

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Written by Chelsea Dalby. Third Year BA Hons English and Journalism Student.